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Robin's Nest Bed & Breakfast Inn

Rates on this page are based on double occupancy and apply to weekends and holidays.
Corporate rates are based on mid-week single occupancy.

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Main Level Upper Level Ground Level
$125/night      $220 for 2 nights

Beds: i) Queen
Bath: Private (shower)

Bright & cheery, finished in yellow & decorated with smiling suns. Two large windows over a brick well & century old plum tree
$135/night      $240 for 2 nights

Beds: i) Queen
Bath: Private (shower)
Franklin Fireplace, small Refrigerator.

Romantic room, sponged in burgundy & pink, whimsical clowns. 2 wicker armchairs in cozy dormer overlooking fruit trees.
$165/night      $300 for 2 nights

Beds: i) Queen
Bath: Private, large (tub/shower)
Microwave, Coffee service.
Refrigerator, Fireplace.

Self contained room with:
private exterior entrance ~ covered patio ~ gas barbecue
$125/night      $220 for 2 nights

Beds: i) Queen
Bath: Private (shower)

Subdued & relaxing, sponged in green & burgundy with a floral theme. 2 large windows overlook a brick well & century old plum tree.
$155/night      $280 for 2 nights

Beds: i) Queen
Bath: Private (shower) & large
in-room clawfoot slipper-tub
Franklin Fireplace, small Refrigerator.

Large suite finished in blues & aqua, nautical theme. Wicker loveseat under roof window overlooking terraced garden & century old steel windmill.

INGENUE  [on-je-new]
$145/night      $260 for 2 nights

Beds: i) Queen, step-up 4-poster
Bath: Private, large, with 6 ft.tub,
Franklin Fireplace, pull-chain toilet.

Finished in lavender & beige & decorated in a theatrical theme with Mimes & Jesters.
$175/night      $320 for 2 nights

Beds: i) King, brass wrap-around corners
Bath: Private (shower & in-room soaker tub)
Franklin Fireplace, small Refrigerator.

Very large suite with dramatic 17 ft. dormer.
2nd dormer with loveseat. Finished in sponged pastels, carousels & horses. Small refrigerator.


i) Double   ii) Double

i) Queen

Bath: Private (shower)

2 Cozy rooms that share a single bathroom.
3 skylites overlooking terraced garden
steel windmill & distant hills.

Prices shown are based on double occupancy. Please add 6% tax.
Add $15 for each additional person.
Gift Certificates, based on price or specific room, make a unique and memorable gift.

Mid-Week, Single-Occupancy & Group-Rates available.